Many Flat roofs are encompassed by Balustrade Handrails of one kind or another and need to allow for foot traffic.

We have been involved in the design and construction of many types of Balcony over the last 30 plus years and believe we have an invaluable knowledge of what can work best in most situations and environments.

From Re-furbished handrails to new build Balconies, we can cater for your requirements with a wide range of materials to suit budget.  Simple Balustades, Zinc and Polyester Powder Coated to any RAL colour, or Galvanised finish and even beautiful Glass Panelled Balconies can be designed and installed. 

You will find some examples of our Balconies in our Photo Gallery, some of which were built with Steel frames for strength and durability.

There is also an ingenious adaptation built in for the prevention of water ingress through the flat roof beneath.

The finish surface of the flat roof is protected by means of a Patented system which allows water to flow freely away beneath the protection provided whilst maintaining the area above for recreational activities. .


Skylights come in many different guises and are made from different materials to suit their application.
From Pitch Roof Openings to Flat Roof Domes and Lanterns, we supply and fit all manner and type of Skylights.
you just want to let more light into a darkened room or wish to make a
statement with a large Slimline Lantern cut, or built into a flat roof, we believe we can find an option that is tailored just right for you and your property.

Thermal efficiency is always a key element to look for in any opening, either in Glass or Polycarbonate, and we strive to achieve the very best for you in terms of U value.

Aesthetics are also a major factor in the design process that we can assist with, so please feel free to browse our Galleries for images of
fitted Lights and Lanterns before giving us a call or using our contact page for a no obligation quotation for your needs.